Coco Chanel – “A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous.’


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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out

How’s everyone been?

There’s a lot of illnesses around ATM but my white blood cells are doing me proud and I’m still strong so I’ve been fine!

Now, in the press this week, there has been a lot of controversy over the UK and USA pageants involving young girls with make up, hair extensions etc. In the USA, pageants are normality for some girls aged from 3 and 4, crazy I know!

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a young girl such as 4 entering a beauty pageant, but I understand the controversy it is causing. In the USA, girls as young as 4 are wearing so much make-up, including eyelash extensions and hair extensions!!

If you compare the USA to the UK, you will see a huge difference. Though I believe younger girls should be able to enter these competitions, I don’t believe they should be plastered in make up and dressing like they’re four times their age. This kind of thing gives these competitons a bad image.

I believe parents have a huge part to play in these young girl’s lives, as when you see the shows on tv or online, the parents push their daughters to be the best.

At four years old I began gymnastics literally looking like the opposite gender (honestly). I didn’t even know a beauty pageant existed until I was approached by the scouting team, aged 17 in the Grand Arcade Wigan!

The girls in the USA are branding UK pageants as ‘boring and too planned’. From my experience in the Miss England competition, It’s not about the make up, the extensions and the crop tops. We are judged on our charitable nature and our drive to be the best we can be. We solely believe in “Beauty with a purpose” – Beauty that is not only on the outside, but on the inside too. Imagine having a Miss who was absolutely stunning, but had a really bad attitude towards other people…

In the UK we pride ourselves on being ambassadors within our communities. I hope that one day people realise that pageants are so much more than walking on a catwak! They are classy, they empower women and young girls, and they broadcast the beauty that is with a girl.

From my experience, it’s the most fun any girl could ever have. Who doesn’t want to fundraise for charity, feel amazing in beautiful dresses and wear a crown like a princess?

These are photos from my most favourite and memorable night. As you can see, myself and the girls are in our party wear, with natural make up. In conclusion, I would much rather be noticed as a classy, natural role model, rather than a winner with super thick eyebrows, big fake hair and false lips. Yes, everyone is different, and they have different preferences, but a girls shouldn’t be made to have surgery for the sake of a crown.

Miss Wigan

Miss Wigan

Miss Wigan 2013 - Evening wear round.

Good luck with future competitions and remember my favourite quote by Coco Chanel!

Lots of love, Olivia xXx