Junior Miss Wigan

Junior Miss Wigan has had a busy start to the year

Hi everyone,

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Sorry not spoke to you all in a while been so so busy organising and branching out with some amazing ideas to share will you all very soon. I know it’s slightly late but Happy New Year to you all! While we have all been busy back at school and work I have recently turned 16!! I spent my birthday in Austria skiing with school and had an amazing time, luckily no broken bones! I got back yesterday and I am really busy with my ideas already, so extremely excited to get them out there to you amazing people once they are underway.


Before christmas I had a photo shoot which I won when I was crowned, by Andy Bristow. I am so so pleased with the outcome of the portfolio and had so much fun in the making of them. Mine was based around Wigan and managed to include some familiar settings around the Wigan Town Centre in too. Here is just a few…

Junior Miss Wigan


As some of you will know it is getting closer to the time of the dreaded exams that will be the start of the rest of our lives but something a little more exciting is that my prom is right around the corner too! Finding THE dress is something I am in the process of right now!! Aahhhhh!!


Junior Miss Wigan

Although I’ve been busy, I still have found the time for my duties as Junior Miss Wigan not only because I feel that it is an honour to have been awarded the opportunity to become someone with huge responsibilities but also because I just love to! I have lots of things planned to try and include the youths in my school to help charities in our area, that I can’t wait to tell you about.


Speak soon


Leah – Your Junior Miss Wigan xxx