Junior Miss Wigan

Junior Miss Wigan on a sporting tournament for Sport Relief

Hi everyone,

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So this weekend I had the privilege of interviewing all the contestants for Junior Miss Preston 2016. It is so great listening to all the ideas and plans that all these girls have and what they have to offer. I am so delighted that I am judging Junior Miss Preston this year as it’s great to see the girls blossom into amazing and confident girls from being shortlisted, to be being on stage. I truly can’t wait for the final to see all the girls and see how far they have come as people.




Apart from that, this week as some of you may already know it is the annual year for Sport Relief, from Friday 18th March to Sunday 20th March, Sport Relief will be everywhere! The lives of people, not only in the UK but all over the world have changed from this charity, through donations, major sporting events and much more. To see how people’s lives are changed by people giving to this amazing charity click on either of these links. The top one tells us about a young boy names Russell and the bottom one about a girl names Champa who are both from Dhaka, Bangladesh…








To be able to have a warm bed, food to eat and to be able to go to school and learn might not be as luxuries to most people however for these, it is a massive thing. To have to work to survive at such a young age makes it a whole lot worse. Working at just the age of ten to try and find a bit of money to be able to eat, it is obvious that we do take how privileged we are for granted sometimes.






To be able to help charities like these make me feel so warm inside because by watching videos like this, we can see the changes that we are making by donating as little as spare change. Because to people like these, this money means the world to them. As this year it is Sport Relief, compared to Comic Relief, at my school it has been decided that there will be sporting tournaments being hosted throughout this week. From netball to crab football, so that both boys and girls can play, and there is going to be a small donation of £1 to play, and 50p to watch however there is a twist. There will be a few teams of students Vs teams of teachers to make it a little more worth watching.




Charity is very important to me and I feel that the more that people help to make the world a better place, the happier we will all be! If you do want to donate, it could be as little as £1 to Sport Relief visit sportrelief.com




Speak soon


Leah, your Junior Miss Wigan xx