Junior Miss Wigan

Junior Miss Wigan on supporting her local Theatre.

Junior Miss Wigan and Miss WiganHi everyone,

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It’s me again, I hope you’ve all read my first blog and if not I’m glad your reading my next one! I have been very busy over these last few weeks not only with school but also with organising and attending various events.


Firstly, me and Charlotte, your Miss Wigan 2015/15, have been so so busy thinking of ideas of charity related events to organise to help many small charities around Wigan and Leigh but also to help with BWP.


We have visited a venue about a fashion show/entertainment night and been really busy thinking of things to put on on the night, we haven’t yet decided on a date but there will be details when they are final! We have so many ideas of things to do around Wigan and to involve the youths around Wigan in helping us to raise lots of money!


I have also visited the Turnpike Theatre Group at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh to meet and speak with the cast of Puss in Boots and to see some of the amazing costumes they have put together! Me and Charlotte had some professional photographs taken with some of the cast and the photos shall follow as soon I get them, we are also featuring in their programme!!


I attended the charity 24 hour bowl at Wigan AMF Bowling with Charlotte on Saturday which is supporting Wigan & Leigh Hospice. This event is really amazing as the Ten Pin Causes group which have fantastically put this event together have really done an amazing job and hope to raise lots of money for charity but also to knock over at least a quarter of a million pins in 24 hours.


For the opening on Saturday night we met the Mayor of Wigan and had photographs with many people including people from Wigan & Leigh Hospice, Ten Pin Causes, The Mayor of Wigan and others.


The work these people are doing is unbelievable and the time and effort they are putting into this is truly incredible, organising bands, getting coverage from the local radio station and also such big faces being there!


A big well done to them all and congratulations on your success of helping a local charity. We even snook in a few games of bowling, which I really enjoyed! I also won a big chocolate bar out of the grabber machines in the arcade! BONUS!


Finally, I just want to say what a pleasure it has been to be such a big part of this community, bringing people together to complete such amazing things just like helping charities etc. But I also have to say what an amazing role model and sister Charlotte has been for me to look up to over these past few weeks as we really do work well together as a team and is amazing what ideas we come up with together!


Thats all for now


Speak soon


Leah – Junior Miss Wigan