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Girls aged 13-16 on the date of the Miss Wigan Final (Saturday 5th September) can now enter Junior Miss Wigan.


A fantastic opportunity to take part in a Glamorous 4 scene catwalk fashion show and awards ceremony, raise money for charity and meet new friends from across the North West of England.


If you’ve already decided to enter you can scroll down to the entry form below and fill in your details.


We can only have a limited number of junior girls appearing on the catwalk at the Final. So Enter NOW by filling out the form below.


If you’re still undecided, here are the Top 5 reasons to take part according to previous girls who have taken part.


Top 5 reasons to enter now


1) Confidence


It’s so common when we talk to girls about taking part in our shows that they say “Oh, I’m not confident enough!”


And when we speak to girls who do take part after they’ve done the show they say “It was incredible, it’s given me so much confidence!”


So, if you’re not sure if you’re you’re confident enough then you should DEFINITELY take part!


All our staff have been in the exact same position and loved the experience so much that they wanted to stay involved and help you have the time of your life.


So many girls say that this experience is “the best thing I’ve ever done!”


Thing is, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is a little nervous and shy when they arrive. We expect that.


Once everyone has been introduced and you start your catwalk training all nervous thoughts are gone as you enjoy the experience.


A lot of girls comment afterwards that they feel like they have the confidence to do anything after rocking the catwalk!


2) Friendship


A common myth is that everyone is out to win and nobody speaks to anyone.


Nothing could be further from the truth!


At the start of the process everyone is slightly nervous and it’s amazing how that nervous energy helps people bond.


By lunchtime on day 1 everyone has bonded and Facebook friend requests are flying around.


So many friends for life are made at these events.


You’ll also get to spend a lot of time with previous contestants and winners (we call them #TeamNorth) you will never meet a lovelier bunch of girls.


You never know, you may even be invited to join the team after taking part, just let us know!


3) Opportunities


The opportunities that girls have had from taking part in our events are too numerous to list.


You just never know who is watching and who might spot you.


There are obvious modeling opportunities as well as getting involved in our future events and taking part in other catwalk shows.


Previous contestants have gone onto appear on TV, in adverts, get presenting roles, spotted as actresses or singers and dancers as well as becoming ambassadors for various charities and brands.


The opportunities are endless and because we know who are reputable people to be involved with (and who aren’t) we’re always on hand to keep you safe and stop you spending money where you don’t have to.


4) Charity


One of the things the girls love the most is the opportunity to raise money for charity and do some good in the community.


Whether it’s putting on an event, doing a sponsored “something” or getting a group of friends and family together for a fun charity activity the girls say that this is one of the most rewarding parts of the process.


Over the last 4 years we have been raising money for Variety, the Childrens’ Charity. Helping disabled and disadvantaged children in our areas.


We usually have 10 events per year in the North West Region and have donated over £160,000 in the last 4 years. A great feeling and all the money gets spent on children in your area.


5) Fun


It goes without saying that these events are so much fun with girls saying that it’s the best thing they ever did!


The Final is a 4 scene glamorous catwalk fashion show and awards ceremony.


You’re looked after and coached all day by professional choreographers, sometimes even previous Miss England winners.


They, and our staff of previous contestants, are there to make sure you have the time of your life and leave with the biggest smile on your face ready to do it all again.


Imagine rocking the catwalk, having the best time ever and maybe picking up an award or two or even the coveted Winner’s Crown and Sash!


Have a look at what our previous contestants are getting up to and see all the photos from previous shows on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/MissEnglandNW


Like our page while you’re there to be kept up to date with everything that’s going on and opportunities that come up.


What to do now?


Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.


Good Luck!


Please attach 2 photos (one head and shoulders photo and one full length). All photos must be clear and of high quality. Photos taken on a mobile phone are usually not suitable. You will be contacted by Mary from MDC Events Ltd as soon as possible after we receive your entry.


So Enter NOW by filling out the form below.


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