Junior Miss Wigan

Junior Miss Wigan’s Charity night, a roaring success!

Hi everyone,

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Me again, so these past few weeks have been busy busy busy for me! I have had sooo much going on and managed to fit in something quite special. So whilst doing all 17 of my GCSE exams, I have been planning a Joining Jack charity event!





On Friday 17th June, I organised and presented a night of singers, dancers and theatre performers.









I had been in contact with Melanie from Joining Jack all up until the event and she helped massively with decorations and merchandise and even donated a raffle prize. I managed to go out and ask for kind donations from places all around Wigan and I ended up with some really amazing prizes from places like Tesco, Crocky Trail and from beauticians etc. and I am grateful for all those received.







The night was a great success for everyone as all the singers and dancers were amazing and the crowd loved it! There was a great turn out and the amount raised exceeded my original target of £500!










I want to thank all the people who turned up to watch, all the dancers and performers throughout the night, my mum and dad and all my little minions who helped me run the night so smoothly. I could not have done it without you all!






Joining Jack as a charity are trying to raise funds to help run trials and research to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). This charity as a whole is inspirational but Jack fighting this awful disease at such a young age is so inspiring in itself!






So as I am from Wigan and Joining Jack is a Wigan based charity, I decided to do this night in order to help a charity that I could feel close to! As a result of my charity night I have managed to raise a massive £800.30 to get that step closer to finding that cure! Read more about the charity at www.joiningjack.org and donate today!




Speak soon


Leah xx