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Miss Wigan gives fashion tips for this year’s Spring and Summer season.

Hello readers!
Spring is here!!! The Daffodils are out, sunglasses are becoming more and more popular out on the streets and the sun is shining for longer.

With spring, comes organisation for the summer holidays that are fast coming up, the realisation of getting into shape and preparation of the wardrobe with cooler clothes. All very exciting!

The best thing about spring has to be the birds singing. Especially when it is a sunny day, don’t you reckon? It automatically makes you want to get up and do your daily duties whether it’s an early workout, or work. You’re just always in a happy mood!

The only downside is the clocks going forward, how annoying? Losing an hours sleep by the light appearing in your window at ungodly hours!

Spring 2014 colours are a personal favourite. The baby, pastel colours are proving to be very popular this year. I love how the baby colours such as blue, pink and green fit to every person and can be matched with any sort of shoe style.
Orange is the new Black!

This colour has been spotted on many celebrities whether on the lips, to clothes, bags and shoes. It wasn’t a colour many people expected to come into fashion, but it’s certainly made its mark!

style decorum cara-delevingne-bright-lips-summer-trend-orange - Miss Wigan

ORANGE!! See, how gorgeous does this look on such a style icon such as Cara Delevingne. Compliments even the lighter skin tone and mixes well with her bright blue eyes. (Image From – http://www.styledecorum.com/2013/09/make-up-or-ange-lips.html)


Another favourite of mine would have to be the monochrome with an incorporation of pink. The black and white fit together so perfectly whether on clothes and even shoes and with the hint of a spring favourite baby pink in the mix, it makes it more and more appealing to every eye!

Who would have thought court shoes with small inch heels would come into fashion? Being a tall girl, I always thought that I would have to be taller because you wouldn’t ever catch me in a pair of kitten heels, but the strappy court heels I absolutely love and they are extremely comfortable!

Summer Shoes - Miss Wigan Blog

These heeled sandals are the ones i've mentioned in my blog! They come in all pastel colours and they flatter the legs very well. A personal favourite for spring.

Ted Baker is one of my favourite high end stores. Looking at their spring collection, you won’t be disappointed! Their floral print trousers (sound unappealing when you write it down), but if you see them, you’ll understand the unique fascination with them.

Ted Baker Pants - Miss Wigan Blog

I need these trousers in my life!!!! Fitting with another spring pastel colour, they will be perfect for a summery day, or even a spring wedding party!! (image from http://www.tedbaker.com/uk/Womens/Clothing/Trousers-Shorts/ERICEA-Orchid-print-trouser-Nude-Pink/p/110734-57-NUDE-PINK)

Missguided is another favourite. This site has all the pastel colours that are proving to be a real hit, and they are up to date on all the latest fashion so get on to have a look at their spring collection!

Misguided dress - Miss Wigan

This purple Floral Asymmetric dress is one of my favourite spring collections. The bright and beautiful colours really compliment any size or shape so anyone will be able to feel comfortable! (Image from - http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/107310/s/oticka-floral-asymmetric-mini-dress/category/552/)

Spring is also a time to take SELFIE’S. With the beautiful “no make-up selfie” being campaigned across the world raising millions in days, the word “Selfie” last week was added to the Oxford Dictionary online!

The world Selfie doesn’t appeal to me, it is a personal disdain of mine, but it must mean something if it has been recognised by a respectable organization.

Looking at browtastic Cara Delevingne, her selfie’s are what have basically made her career take off as they show her true personality. Selfie’s are proving to also be popular within magazines.

Recently, GQ Magazine has launched “How GQ Are You” where it features users who have uploaded their selfies and to be rated by other readers! Now all anyone has to do is say “SELFIE” and everyone knows just what to do!

So for this summer, remember readers, baby colours, sunglasses, happy positive days, selfies and you’re well on your way to the best spring/summer ever!

Thank you for reading, and speak soon,

Liv – Miss Wigan x

Lot’s of lessons learnt for Junior Miss Wigan.

Junior Miss WiganHello again!

Hope you’re all doing well. Well these past two weeks have been awful.

I have recently suffered from the flu which was really bad, and then caught conjunctivitis, so not a good week for me.

Well anyway, on the plus side, I’ve been trying my hardest to find myself a part time job whilst studying my A levels at college, and I’m proud to say that I have now got a job. (Proud moment!!!)

So these past two weeks have learnt me a really big lesson. Sadly, a member of my family unfortunately passed away. I have learnt that no matter what you want in life, you should appreciate everybody that you are surrounded with, most importantly friends and family.

I have also been concentrating hard on my college work, and just last month I received back my A level mock grades and I am proud to say I achieved a C in English Language & Literature, a B in Religious Studies, a B in Chemistry and a B in Biology.

Again, a lesson I have learnt is before dreaming, you should start taking actions. As a child my dream was to become a teacher, and just by receiving my grades back from exams, I have realised that if I continue to give 100% effort to all that I do, I will be one step closer to my dream.

So just a little message to you all out there, no matter how your feeling, appreciate every person that you are blessed with and work hard towards your dreams, because one day, you will achieve what you want in life.

Speak soon,
Junior miss Wigan – Bradie xxxxx

Coco Chanel – “A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous.’


How’s everyone been?

There’s a lot of illnesses around ATM but my white blood cells are doing me proud and I’m still strong so I’ve been fine!

Now, in the press this week, there has been a lot of controversy over the UK and USA pageants involving young girls with make up, hair extensions etc. In the USA, pageants are normality for some girls aged from 3 and 4, crazy I know!

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a young girl such as 4 entering a beauty pageant, but I understand the controversy it is causing. In the USA, girls as young as 4 are wearing so much make-up, including eyelash extensions and hair extensions!!

If you compare the USA to the UK, you will see a huge difference. Though I believe younger girls should be able to enter these competitions, I don’t believe they should be plastered in make up and dressing like they’re four times their age. This kind of thing gives these competitons a bad image.

I believe parents have a huge part to play in these young girl’s lives, as when you see the shows on tv or online, the parents push their daughters to be the best.

At four years old I began gymnastics literally looking like the opposite gender (honestly). I didn’t even know a beauty pageant existed until I was approached by the scouting team, aged 17 in the Grand Arcade Wigan!

The girls in the USA are branding UK pageants as ‘boring and too planned’. From my experience in the Miss England competition, It’s not about the make up, the extensions and the crop tops. We are judged on our charitable nature and our drive to be the best we can be. We solely believe in “Beauty with a purpose” – Beauty that is not only on the outside, but on the inside too. Imagine having a Miss who was absolutely stunning, but had a really bad attitude towards other people…

In the UK we pride ourselves on being ambassadors within our communities. I hope that one day people realise that pageants are so much more than walking on a catwak! They are classy, they empower women and young girls, and they broadcast the beauty that is with a girl.

From my experience, it’s the most fun any girl could ever have. Who doesn’t want to fundraise for charity, feel amazing in beautiful dresses and wear a crown like a princess?

These are photos from my most favourite and memorable night. As you can see, myself and the girls are in our party wear, with natural make up. In conclusion, I would much rather be noticed as a classy, natural role model, rather than a winner with super thick eyebrows, big fake hair and false lips. Yes, everyone is different, and they have different preferences, but a girls shouldn’t be made to have surgery for the sake of a crown.

Miss Wigan

Miss Wigan

Miss Wigan 2013 - Evening wear round.

Good luck with future competitions and remember my favourite quote by Coco Chanel!

Lots of love, Olivia xXx

Lots of big achievements for Junior Miss Wigan – Bradie Gallagher.

Hello everyone,

Hope your all doing okay!

How was your Christmas? Mine was absolutely fab, right from spending time with family to having a lie in every morning.

In the past couple of months, my life has changed quite a lot. Many things have occurred since my last blog.

I’ve completed my GCSE’s, achieving 5 A’s 4 B’s and 2 C’s.

My main achievement that I am so proud of is running the race for life. I did this in memory of my Granddad and had a proud moment when I ran the race for life in just 29 minutes.

Junior Miss Wigan - Bradie Gallagher - Race For Life

Running the race for life

Raising money was a big part of this race, as I was sponsored by family and friends.

One of my best memories from 2013 was my Prom. This was a fantastic night, spending it with many friends that I spent 5 years of my life with whilst studying at High School.

Junior Miss Wigan - Year 11 Prom

Looking beautiful - Junior Miss Wigan in her prom dress and her crown and sash.

What I’ve been up to lately:

In September, I started college. This has changed my life in many ways! I have met new friends that I now see as my best friends.

In November, I turned 17, whilst studying my A levels at College, I am now learning to drive, but one of my main achievements in the last couple of weeks was passing my driving theory test

Soon it’s going to be time to hand my crown down to the new Junior Miss Wigan, but whilst I still hold this title, I’m going to make the most of what I have. All in all, the start of 2014 has been great so far, and hopefully there will be more to come.
Speak soon,

Lots of love,

Bradie – Junior Miss Wigan xxxxx

Miss Wigan, Olivia Ogden, on a fundraising rollercoaster!

Miss Wigan 2013-2014Hello readers,

Miss Wigan here!

What busy months I have had!! Since September I have been at the University of Chester studying Sport and Exercise Science.

Charity work did not stop however, every couple of weeks, the Netball society I am involved in, organises a night dedicated to a charity.

This is such a great experience and I am so happy to be raising lots of money for very worthwhile charities!!

This photo was from ‘Wear It Pink’ week!! We were raising money for Breast Cancer Research, and every training session we had to wear pink. I was so dedicated as you can see I even put laces in my trainers!

Olivia Ogden Miss Wigan "Wear It Pink"

Olivia Ogden - Miss Wigan "Wear It Pink"

At the end of the week, we went to the SU to raise money for breast cancer, again wearing pink! I am bent down as I am extremely tall in my heels!!

Miss Wigan, Olivia Ogden, raises money for Cancer research

Miss Wigan, raises money for Cancer research in local Student Union.

This photo is a photo where we had to dress in our sports wear for the night and raise money for Home From Home. This was a fantastic night and I was in my gymnastics gear which is aged 7!! Still cannot believe I fit in it. I also had my hand guards on which I only got when I was 13.

Miss Wigan and friends raising money for Home From Home

Miss Wigan and friends raising money for Home From Home

Other charity nights include Take Me Out, where I was one of the girls on the panel, I didn’t select any boy but I would if I knew I was getting auctioned off at the end of the night! I ended up being sold for £20 to the bar man. He later tweeted ‘I bought a girl tonight, she took my money and left’ which is so true haha! ooooops, sorry!!

I haven’t got any photos from this night unfortunately, but it was such a good charity for people with unfortunate Brain Tumours.

I have been very busy with university, but keeping busy with the fundraising. I am loving my title so much and I hope that one day I could be  a judge and give other girls the amazing opportunity that I was given.

I believe 2014 is my year. It’s started off brilliantly, in my life I have perfection, happiness and love. What more could I possible want from life? I am very blessed with the people in my life.

Speak soon,

Livvy - Miss Wigan xxx

Setting Goals

Hello again,

Once again I have been on the move this week, doing some last minute shopping for my Prom which takes place on Friday.

Now that I have got everything I need I am very excited and can not wait to wear my dress.

I have also spent a lot of my week on the Internet trying to find upcoming events in Wigan that I could get involved in to raise my profile and help out.

Tomorrow I have my first job interview at Primark, as I have now finished all of my exams and need to concentrate on getting a job.

I am very nervous about having the interview but also confident as I hope I get the job.

Not only am I excited about my Prom, but I am on countdown to my holiday to Egypt which is only 9 days off.

This weekend I have also spent a lot of time playing with my boyfriend, Billy’s new dog, Hollie.

After having a long, hard think about what I would like to achieve whilst being Junior Miss Wigan, I have decided I would really like to promote Charity work in Wigan and would like to be involved in more events that are happening in Wigan.

So this week, I am going to really try to find and organise some Charity events in the Wigan area and help to get involved in them.

‘Releasing The Pressure, It’s Good For The Teapot And The Water. Try It Sometime’

Hello again,

This week has been such a stressful week.

Firstly, I had to sit 4 exams in 5 days and was very very busy revising.

But as I worked so hard, my mum and dad decided to book an holiday for me to Egypt in July.

On Sunday, I was waiting all day for the Miss England finals to start, many girls out of team north made it to the Miss England finals and every one of them looked amazing!

I was inspired by one special person out of team north.

‘Mary-Kate McKay’, who came 3rd in miss England.

I was also proud to say I was part of team north as all the girls did so well.

Also, this week I did not get chance to go into Wigan and Leigh hospice to do my voluntary work as I was busy doing exams on the day that I was meant to go in.

I am really looking forward to my prom now which is only 11 days off.

And also my holiday, which is only 14 days off.

Check my blog next week to see what I have been up to and how I am fulfilling the role of Junior miss Wigan.

Lots of love, Bradie x

‘Time Is Precious’

Hello everyone,

This week I have been very busy.

I have sat 2 exams this week and have another 3 to sit so I have been very busy revising.

Also, last Thursday I went to Wigan and Leigh Hospice to do some voluntary work, I will now be doing voluntary work in the shop every Thursday so why not take a trip in the shop and see if there’s any interesting things or maybe just to visit the charity shop itself.

I’m on countdown now until my prom now as it is only 17 days away.

Also, I can’t wait to find out who the next Miss England is going to be.

I would like to wish all the girls from Team North the best of luck and would be so proud to say Miss England is part of team north.

Lots of love Bradie, junior miss Wigan x

Follow Your Dreams

Hello again,

I have spent a lot of my week doing revision for exams as I have exams lined up for the next 2 weeks, which makes me very stressed!

Also, I have spent most of my week looking forward to ‘The only way is Marbs’ which is my all time favourite TV show!

Due to being off school this week, I decided to go to the Trafford Centre for a day out shopping.

Whilst I was there, I had a message off Mark to tell us that there was exciting news for #TeamNorth, to then find out that our very own Miss Bolton, Lucy Physik, is in the Miss England Finals.

Hearing this news made me proud to be part of Team North and proves that if you follow your dreams, you can achieve them! I would like to wish our Miss Bolton all the luck in the world.

In Wigan this weekend, we have had amazing weather which enabled us to have a barbecue, I took the dog for long walks and was able to relax in the back garden.

I have organised to go into Wigan and Leigh Hospice this week to help out with voluntary work.

Check my blog next week to keep up to date with the information on helping out in the Charity shop which is close to my heart.

Love Bradie, Junior Miss Wigan x

A Busy Week In The Life Of Miss Wigan

Well, what a week it has been.

It has certainly been and emotional and mental challenge!

My week started off with the FA Cup Celebrations in Wigan Town Centre celebrating the homecoming of the FA Cup with Wigan Athletic Football Team.

I was so lucky to have a chance to get up on stage to preach my speech for getting votes for the Miss England Semi’s the following Saturday.

I got quite a few votes from my speech and had many photos taken, it was such a memorable day and I can’t believe how supportive my town have been since winning Miss Wigan!

I even got a chance to hold the FA Cup, and meeting the players too! Tuesday I went to Wirral, where I had a skin test for having laser removal under my arms!

I was quite scared as I didn’t know what to expect, but they soon went during the treatment.

All the employees were really sweet with me and made me feel exceptionally comfortable and I had a lovely day.

Wednesday and Thursday consisted of me completing all my assignments and getting signed off at college, so summer has started for me!

Thursday also consisted of me preparing for the Miss England Semi’s where I had a tan, nails and hair done.

I felt like one of the scousewives!

Saturday was the big day.

Waking up at 7 being so excited for the day ahead made me so nervous as I didn’t know what to expect as I was competing with over 60 girls! I arrived in my beige dress, signed in and got straight into my sports wear where I was took outside to complete a boot camp and a bleep test.

I was proud of myself how far I got considering conditions I was under.

Then it was straight into Eco wear for the interviews where I met 7 judges, one including Cj from Eggheads!

There was alot of waiting around after that, a little bit of rehearsals before the show and that was it, show time! It went so fast.

I didn’t get through but well done to the other girls.

My most embarrassing moment of the week was definitely having my picture taken in rollers with a tan that was fastly developing and it’s going in the paper aaaaaa!

Much more to come as its half term this week so I will get alot more info for everyone to read!

What I have been up to this week and my most embarrassing moment.‏

Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a nice weekend as I definitely have.

This week I have been very busy as I have sat 4 of my examinations in one week.

On Tuesday I sat my PE exam which I was confident in and felt I did well.

On Friday I then sat my Religious Studies exam and two of my Spanish exams so I have been busy revising.

This weekend, I have spent a lot of my time relaxing to prepare myself for this weeks exams.

Friday I spent a night with my Friends and took my dog, Frankie, for a long walk.

On Saturday, I went to The Dress Studio to find a dress for my Prom which is on the 28th of June, The Dress Studio is like heaven for all girls, full of dresses all colours and all sizes.

But Saturday night, I spent my night at the Miss North West Finals 2013 which was the last competition of the season.

I got the chance to meet some new girls that I hadn’t met before and all of the girls were beautiful inside and out.

The most embarrassing moment of my Week was falling down the stairs twice at the Miss North West Finals.

This week I am going to prepare myself for the upcoming exams and make the most of my School week as I only have 5 days left in School.

Make sure you check my blog next week to see what I have been up to and my next embarrassing moment of the week.

Love Bradie x

Miss Wigan’s Charity Bag Pack

“Improving young children’s lives every day”.

£241 is going towards the Variety Children’s Charity Club by doing a bag pack for the local people of Wigan.

It took place within Tesco extra in the middle of town from 11am until 4pm on 12/05/2013.

Variety, the Children’s Charity, is about increasing positive experiences for children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

They help by providing the children with Variety wheelchairs and Variety sunshine coaches and specialist equipment that help experiences memorable. Thank you to everyone who donated as its going to such a worthy cause.

Meanwhile on the ‘Miss’ front, a winners day was held at the stunning Holiday Inn Hotel in Preston where all the winners from all over the country including Cumbria, Preston Guild, Stoke on Trent and even as far as Birmingham came all the way to meet the rest of the winners and find out about future representation for a year manageress by the boss Mark Jones and his lovely assistant Zara Rimmer.

All the girls dressed in a smart day dress with heels and had photos in their stylish sash and crown. Junior Miss’s are supported Senior Miss’s on their way to London for the Miss England Semi-Finals held on the 25th May 2013.

Upcoming events for Variety Children’s Club Charity and Beauty with a Purpose are a local pub-crawl in the town centre where we will be heading out to the clubs raising charity, and also a local labour club where a speech will be held by Miss Wigan to hopefully raise money for such worthy causes.

Introducing Junior Miss Wigan, Bradie Gallagher

Hello, I am 16 years old and study my GCSE’s at St John Fisher Catholic High School.

This week I have spent a lot of my free time revising as my GCSE examinations are starting.

I enjoy studying English and Religious Education as my future plan is to go to John Rigby College and study both subjects to become a Secondary School teacher.

On saturday I spent the day with the winners from Miss England North West as I went to  the Holiday Inn at Preston to get to know the girls a little bit better.

We spent the day learning about new people and what we would like to achieve whilst we own our titles.

I decided I would like to do a lot of Charity work as I enjoy helping people. To achieve my goal I have organised a day were I am going to do Voluntary work in Wigan and Leigh Hospice to raise money for the Charity which is close to my heart.

Also,  on Sunday I ran the ‘Race for Life’ to raise money to find a cure for Cancer which I lost an important family member to, my Grandad. I completed the Race for Life in 29 minutes and 54 seconds and raised £90.

In the future I would like to continue my work for Charity.


Miss Wigan winner to fly to Mauritius?

Hot news off the press……….

Tourism Mauritius have agreed to support the Miss England Competition as a Sponsor for the second year running.

This means that the winner of Miss Wigan could soon be jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime to the beautiful sunshine Island of Mauritius if she also goes on to pick up the Miss England Crown.

Miss England 2012, Charlotte Holmes, recently returned from Mauritius after having an incredible time…


Newly crowned Miss England Charlotte Holmes flew out to Mauritius the day after she won her crown to open the Mauritius Shopping Fiesta and appear in the Mauritius Carnival on behalf of the MTPA, the sponsors of Miss England 2012.


Charlotte’s 10 day trip was involved attending Mauritius Carnival


Tourism Mauritius


A fashion shoot on the beach at Le Tousserok


Tourism Mauritius


And a visit to a Mauritian school for special needs


Tourism Mauritius


Photo of Miss England by Sachin Sagar for the MTPA taken on the beach at LE Touesserok Mauritius swimwear by sandstorm


For your chance to holiday like a Super Star in Mauritius enter Miss Wigan now by clicking on the box at the top of this page.

Miss England Charlotte Holmes Qualifies for Sports Round Final at Miss World

Earlier this week Miss England Charlotte Holmes underwent the Sports Eliminator round competing for Miss World and today found out she qualified for the Sports Final round that will take place later on today.

Miss Engalnd Charlotte Holmes

It was said that tensions were running high as the contestants competing for a place at the Miss World 2012 Sports Final warmed up for the first sports eliminator on Tuesday. A gruelling set of challenges awaited them, all overseen by our resident taskmaster, complete with whistle!

The ladies were divided into four groups as part of the Miss World team challenge. The six highest-scoring contestants from each group will qualify, and the final will see them compete in group challenges, as well as individual ones.

After a few warm up laps, the contestants faced their first challenge. Each contestant had to complete as many step-ups as possible within the allotted time, then sit ups, press ups, burpees and finally, lunges. Independent adjudicators counted each successful manoeuvre and these will now be tallied up to find the contestants going through.

Now that Charlotte has qualified she’ll undergo another sports round rumoured to be on track and field events… Good Luck Charlotte!

Extra Exciting News…

We all here at Miss England North West are looking forward for Charlotte coming home, hopefully with the crown! And are hoping to confirm Charlotte as a judge at Miss Wigan!

Charlotte Update from Miss World

Here’s an update of some of the amazing things Charlottes been up to this week…

Peru and I ready for an exciting day at the dessert

What a view!


Ready for the shoot, my Mongolian costume

Everyone in their costumes

Me and my camel… Watson!

After our camel ride and costume shoot we went to visit the sand sculptures

Second Visit; The museum of the Canyon Desert. We all signed a welcome banner and had photos. We were greeted with scarves and sipped spirit on arrival!

We then went on the car/boats again to the Canyon desert… Iceland and I

The half moon lake

All the names of the people who have contributed to planting trees
at the lake.

A warm welcome from our new hosts at Seven Star Lake Resort

Ready for our welcome dinner

Charlotte Update from Miss World

Here’s a few recent snap shots from Charlotte…

Before we leave Shanghai we visit the Shanghai Tower

I’m so small!..

The best view yet


At the top

On the tram through the city… Australia, Iceland, England, Pu
Rico, Botswana, Turkey

So now we’ve moved from Shanghai to Changshu… Here we visit a
local village and got a warm welcome

Looks like Charlotte’s having an amazing time. We’ll keep you all up to date throughout Charlotte’s journey with another ‘Charlotte Update from Miss World’ soon!

Charlotte Update from Miss World

Quick Note from Charlotte…

” Off to Shanghai today… Very early start… Haven’t really slept but am very excited! Hope you enjoyed the photos from the opening ceremony night! It was a fantastic evening and the meal and reception afterwards was brilliant. Everyone in Ordos has been amazing. Now bring on shopping time in Shanghai”

Everyone here at Miss England North West is wishing Charlotte Holmes the best of luck in Miss World 2012

Not long back from her trip to Mauritius, Miss England Charlotte Holmes is flying out to Ordos in China today to compete for Miss World.

This was Charlotte’s 3rd attempt at Miss England after a year out when she took part in Britain’s Next Top Model and came 4th

Miss World 2012 will be the 62nd edition of the Miss World pageant and is taking place on August 18th, in Dongsheng Fitness Centre Stadium, Ordos, China.

Miss World 2012 will be broadcast live from Ordos, Inner Mongolia to an audience in excess of one billion viewers in over 160 countries.

Good Luck Charlotte!!!

Miss England Charlotte Holmes Visits Mauritius

Newly crowned Miss England Charlotte Holmes flew out to Mauritius the day after she won her crown to open the Mauritius Shopping Fiesta and appear in the Mauritius Carnival on behalf of the MTPA, the sponsors of Miss England 2012.

Charlotte’s 10 day trip was involved attending Mauritius Carnival

A fashion shoot on the beach at Le Tousserok

And a visit to a Mauritian school for special needs

Photo of Miss England by Sachin Sagar for the MTPA taken on the beach at LE Touesserok Mauritius swimwear by sandstorm

See Miss England Charlotte Holmes’ Miss World Video

The newly crowned Miss England Charlotte Holmes recently filmed her Miss World Video.

This video is being shown on the Miss World website in the lead up to the 2012 finals.

To follow in her footsteps enter Miss Wigan now by clicking on your age category above.

The video was directed by Arvind Mattadeen & produced by Hysteria Productions


The Dress Studio, Culceth to partner with Miss Wigan

We are delighted to announce that The Dress Studio are one of our official Prize Sponsors for Miss Wigan 2012.

We love them and they have generously supplied us with the following prizes.

For the 17-24 year old category;

- a £200 voucher for the winner
- a £75 voucher for the runner up
- a £50 voucher for 2nd runner up

These vouchers must all be used instore, not online. They are valid for purchases over £100.

For the 13-16 years old category;

- a £100 voucher for the winner
- a £50 voucher for the runner up
- a £25 voucher for 2nd runner up

These vouchers must be used instore. These are valid on purchases over £75 or more.

Some Advice from The Dress Studio

The Dress Studio team are beauty contest specialists and have many years of experience in the industry. They know how hard it is to find the perfect dress – especially as many girls have never competed in a competition like this before! The Dress Studio has over 600 dresses in stock and they are perfect for the different rounds in the Miss England North West competitions.

Evening Wear
This needs to be an elegant dress and the majority of girls wear a floor-length gown! Evening dresses at The Dress Studio start at just £45 and so, you do not need to spend a fortune finding the perfect dress!

Summer Wear
There are so many different options for the summer wear round. Most importantly, have fun with it! Don’t be scared that you will wear the wrong type of outfit – there is no ‘right or wrong!’ You need to choose something that makes you feel amazing; your confidence will then shine on stage & the judges will notice this!

The Dress Studio is an online boutique www.dress-studio.co.uk If you don’t want to buy your dress online, that is not a problem … you can visit The Dress Studio’s incredible store, where you will be surrounded by glitz, sparkles and stunning dresses!!

The Dress Studio is now open in Culcheth, Cheshire.It is located at The Warehouse Studios, Glaziers Lane, WA3 4AQ. The store is open on Tuesday’s (10-5), Wednesday’s (10-5), Thursday’s (10-7), Friday’s (10-5) and Saturday’s (10-5) and is conveniently located off the M62, in between Manchester and Liverpool.

We will be happy to help & advise you when choosing your dresses for Miss England
Feel free to give us a call on 01925 766258!


Abbie Does Wigan Proud at Miss England

Miss Wigan, Abbie Green, took part in the Miss England Finals earlier this week and was a credit to the area.

The Finals, consisting of 61 girls, were held over two days at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham on Monday and Tuesday.

Abbie took part in the Welcome Party, an Eco Fashion Show and Talent round on the Monday evening.

In the Eco Fashion Show the 61 girls had all created their own outfits from either recycled, re-used or ethically sourced materials. Abbie’s Eco dress was created from Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball labels.

On the Tuesday Abbie took part in the main event which consisted of an opening scene wearing a specially created Miss England Dress created by leading fashion designer Karen Karmody, an Evening Wear section and a Sports Wear Finale.

Abbie closely missed out on a Top 15 place in a fiercely contested Final.

Alize Lily Mounter was crowned Miss England in a ceremony which was streamed live online.

Abbie said of her experience;

“I was delighted to be given the opportunity to represent Wigan on such a big occasion”

“It was an incredible experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life”

“I’ve made so many new friends from all over the country, all the girls were so lovely”

“I’m looking forward to the rest of my year as Miss Wigan now and hope to get involved with as many things in the area as possible”

To request Abbie to attend an event you can email mark@mdcevents.co.uk or find out more at www.misswigan.co.uk

Miss Wigan at Boot Camp

Miss Wigan, Abbie Green, was put through her paces “Army Style” last Monday as part of her preparation for the Miss England Finals.

Abbie travelled down to the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham for the Miss England Sports Boot Camp Event.
Army Physical Training Instructors from www.regimentfitness.co.uk put all 61 finalists through a gruelling 2 hour fitness test.

The contestants took part in warm up exercises as well as Army Drills including Press Ups, Sit Ups, Burpies and Shuttle Runs.

The Top 20 contestants were then “rewarded” by taking part in one final test, the Army Bleep Test.
A running endurance test where the prize for the last girl standing was a fast track place in the Top 15 at the Miss England Final.

Abbie did magnificently, but narrowly lost out to eventual Miss England Sportswoman award winner
Jade Williams (Miss Stratford Upon Avon).

Abbie said of the experience;
‘It has been a difficult day, but i have enjoyed myself, It was really nice to meet the other finalists.

Abbie now has 3 weeks to prepare for the Miss England Final on 19th July in Birmingham.

Miss Wigan, Abbie Green, Qualifies for the Miss England Grand Final

Miss Wigan, Abbie Green, competed in the Miss England Semi Finals at Champneys this week, Abbie competed against 54 other girls in attempt to gain a place in the Miss England grand final.

Abbie was awarded one of these place and will now go forward to the Miss England Final which is held at the Birmingham, Hilton Metropole July 18th and 19th! Congratulations to Abbie!

There were 5 different rounds at the Semi finals including the boot camp round, which replaced the old swimwear parade, interviews, talent round and the catwalk rounds where girls modeled their own ECOWEAR and Eveningwear. The eco round saw the girls wear outfits made from recycled materials, and outfits purchased from charity shops around the country. All the contestants took part in a fund raising challenge and raised an amazing figure of over £6,000 for the Beauty with a Purpose round. The top fund raiser was crowned the Beauty with a Purpose winner.

Four girls won Fast track places to the Miss England final were:

• 21 Georgina Denton / South East Beauty winner/Miss Hook was the Top fundraiser

• 03 Jenna Horgan / Miss Plymouth who was chosen as Miss Champneys

• 13 Amy Spinks / Miss Norwich who won the Sportswoman Award

• 55 Shiralee Gould / Miss Weymouth was the Public Vote Winner

Judges on the day included EGGHEADS STAR & Actor CJ De Mooi, the current Miss England Jessica Linley, Birmingham Model agent Alan Sharman; Philip Sharp Director of Great Lengths hair sponsors for Miss England, Editor of Love it! Magazine Jo Checkley, Dena Coleman former 70s beauty queen, her daughter Laura Coleman former Miss England 2008 and photographer Charlie Kaufman from the Fresh Academy. The judges on the day voted for a further ten girls to go forward to the national final .
The ten girls were:

• 20 Amy Willerton / Miss Bath City

• 28 Alexandra Devine / Miss Harrogate & District

• 30 Roxanne Smith / Online Popularity Winner

• 31 Margarita Nazarenko / Miss South West London

• 36 Abbie Green / Miss Wigan

• 46 Katie Farr / Miss University

• 49 Sophie-Leigh Anderson / Miss Fylde Coast

• 52 Harriet Noakley / Miss Blackburn

• 54 Hannah Gray / Miss Newcastle

• 57 Hollie Robinson / Miss Preston Runner Up

The 14 girls who were awarded a place in the grand final will now join the other finalists to compete for the Miss England title. The Grand final will see 60 national finalist from all over the country participate in the finals of Miss England on 18th & 19th July which are being held at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole at the NEC. One winner on the 19th will represent the nation at the 61st Miss World, which has a top prize of $100k which will take place in London.

Miss Wigan Final

Miss Wigan, part of the North West Beauty with a Purpose Awards took place on Saturday night at Pontin’s in Southport. Contestants where vying to win the Miss Wigan crown and a place in the Miss England Semi Finals.

The girls took part in a 4 scene catwalk fashion show and awards ceremony.
Catwalk scenes included;


Summer wear

Black Dress and Sparkles

Evening Wear

The show was a massive success, and all the girls had an amazing day and a fantastic overall experience.

Wigan Awards Results

Miss Charity Wigan (most funds raised for the Variety Club) went to Laura Bradbury who raised £450 for the Variety Club Children’s Charity.

Miss Popularity Wigan (Public Vote) went to Claire Topping

3rd Place – Laura Bradbury

2nd Place – Georgina Moore

Winner of Miss Wigan 2011 – Abbie Green

Abbie will now take part in the Miss England Semi Finals at Champney’s Health Resort in Leicestershire in June.

Abbie’s prize package includes;

A £500 Portfolio Package from Yaffe Model, Part of Yaffe Fusion Art

A £200 handmade Swarovski Crystal Crown from Rebecca June Tiaras

£250 Cash

Her own website from Camm 21

Personal Coaching for the Miss England Semi Final

For any further details or bookings please call MDC Events on 0845 348 5011

Winner to Model for Yaffe

We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner of Miss Wigan will be modelling for the renowned Yaffe Photography Company.

The winner of this year’s competition will receive a £500 Model Portfolio from Yaffe Model.

Yaffé Fusion Art have been producing award winning images since 1967.

Based in the famous Victorian village of Birkdale, Southport, the 22,000sq feet of studios regularly sees famous faces from the world of celebrity and sporting stars.

Although Yaffé Fusion Art have been creating stunning model portfolios for a long time, they have recently launched ‘Yaffé Model’ to help aspiring and already successful models achieve a better, stronger portfolio to further their career in the modelling industry.

Call Yaffe on 0844 251 0861 for enquiries and bookings.

You can find out more about them here www.yaffefusionart.com and www.facebook.com/YaffeModel

Laura Bradbury is Miss Charity Wigan 2011

This year, contests of Miss Wigan were dedicated to raising money for The Variety Club Childrens’ Charity, who help disabled and disadvantaged children. All contestants worked hard and enthusiastically to raise as much as they possibly could for the charity. The girl who raised the most would be awarded Miss Charity Wigan, presented with a sash, award and a stunning watch from Delanicci Extreme.

Miss Charity Wigan 2011 was awarded to Laura Bradbury who raised £450

House of Time to Sponsor Variety Club Charity Award

Charitable watch makers to the Stars “House of Time” (incorporating Bellagio Time)have kindly agreed to boost the fundraising efforts of all of the finalists in Miss Wigan by offering the girl who raises the most money for the Variety Club a stunning Delanicci Watch.

Every Finalist in this year’s competition is tasked to raise funds for the Variety Club, our nominated charity who look after disabled and disadvantaged children.

This year, as well as a stunning award and sash, our winner will also take away this stunning watch, the Delanicci Extreme.

Bellagio Time are renowned for making watches for the stars; from the big screen to on the football pitch, from Legends to up and coming sensations.

Starts who own Bellagio timepieces include; Sir Tom Jones, Richard Fleeshman, Tricia Penrose, Ryan Thomas, Don Felder, The Bee Gees, Nikki Sanderson and many more.

The Delanicci ‘Extreme’

Designed by Bellagio Time (Supporting Variety Club since 1995)

Features Include:
§ 13/4 inches wide stainless steel case.

§ Matching soft leather cuff straps.

§ Set with 204 sparkling stones.

§ Sparkling powder numbers.

§ Day and date sub dials.

§ Precision quartz movement.

§ Custom made ‘Flower Crown’

§ One year manufacturer’s guarantee.

§ Two years movement warranty.

§ Presented in a baby-pink travel jewellery case.

Own your own watch from House of Time by visiting the website here – www.houseoftime.com

New Prize added from Rebecca June Tiaras

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Rebecca June Tiaras, the official Designer of the Crowns for the North West Regional Heats of Miss England 2011

Each winner will receive a hand crafted Swarovski crystal crown designed and made by Rebecca June Tiaras (worth over £200)

Rebecca June Tiaras is a bespoke Tiara and jewellery design service for all occasions.

Click below to visit their website now.


07731 300 354

Variety Club the Big Winner at Miss Wigan

Miss Charity Wigan 2010 Chantelle Wilson with Mr England 2009 Andreas Kattou

At the Final of Miss Wigan at the DW Stadium on Monday 10th May, the Variety Club North West were the big winners of the day.

All Finalists were tasked to raise money for the Variety Club North West who help disadvantaged and disabled children in the area.

The 18 girls managed to raise a colossal £4,500 between them doing a variety of fundraising events and activities.

The Miss Charity Wigan Award was presented to Chantelle Wilson (pictured with Mr England Andreas Kattou) who raised over £1,800.

Miss England Drops in on the Latics

Miss England Katrina Hodge dropped into Wigan to watch the Latics take on Stoke City on Tuesday (9th February).
Kat helped out with the half time draw as well as appearing in the Sponsors Lounge after the match, an experience she’ll never forget!
If you ever get chance (and we’ll make sure the new Miss Wigan will) you need to get yourself into the Sponsors Lounge to experience the MC alone!

Kat would like to thank Antony Clark, Sales Director, for his fantastic hospitality and can’t wait to return.

Kat was in the area to officially launch the search for Miss Wigan 2010. Girls have until Friday 12th March to enter.

Welcome to Miss Wigan

Miss Wigan is a direct entry heat into the Miss England competition. The winner of Miss Wigan will, amongst other prizes, win a place in the Miss England Final where she will have a chance to go onto Miss World 2010 in Vietnam where the main prize is $100,000.

Much more than a beauty pageant or modelling competition, the organisers of Miss Wigan are looking for an ambassador for the area. Someone well presented, confident and able to communicate are just some of the qualities that the judges will be looking for. Our winner will be actively encouraged to use their title to promote the area and raise the profile of many worthy causes throughout their year.

The Miss World motto is “Beauty with a Purpose” and this is something we fully subscribe to. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Variety Club Children’s Charity through contestant fundraising and activities.
The winner could be an existing model, beauty pageant contestant or a complete newcomer. Many Miss England heat winners have won their heats with no prior experience. It could be you!

Applications are now being taken for the 2010 competition, simply click on the “Enter Now” button above.

Miss Wigan is open to any girl who will be aged 17-24 on 31st December 2010 who was either born, has lived, works or studies in the Wigan. Entrants must have never been married and have no children. Full rules are available in the “Enter Now” section.

Miss Wigan website launched

Miss Wigan is a direct entry heat into the Miss England competition. The winner of Miss Wigan will, amongst other prizes, win a place in the Miss England Final where she will have a chance to go onto Miss World 2010 in Vietnam where the main prize is $100,000.
Much more than a beauty pageant or modelling competition, the organisers of Miss Wigan are looking for an ambassador for the area. Someone well presented, confident and able to communicate are just some of the qualities that the judges will be looking for. Our winner will be actively encouraged to use their title to promote the area and raise the profile of many worthy causes throughout their year.
Keep checking back for more details and regular updates of the Miss Wigan contest.