Miss Wigan gives fashion tips for this year’s Spring and Summer season.

Hello readers!
Spring is here!!! The Daffodils are out, sunglasses are becoming more and more popular out on the streets and the sun is shining for longer.With spring, comes organisation for the summer holidays that are fast coming up, the realisation of getting into shape and preparation of the wardrobe with cooler clothes. All very exciting!
The best thing about spring has to be the birds singing. Especially when it is a sunny day, don’t you reckon? It automatically makes you want to get up and do your daily duties whether it’s an early workout, or work. You’re just always in a happy mood!The only downside is the clocks going forward, how annoying? Losing an hours sleep by the light appearing in your window at ungodly hours!
Spring 2014 colours are a personal favourite. The baby, pastel colours are proving to be very popular this year. I love how the baby colours such as blue, pink and green fit to every person and can be matched with any sort of shoe style.
Orange is the new Black!This colour has been spotted on many celebrities whether on the lips, to clothes, bags and shoes. It wasn’t a colour many people expected to come into fashion, but it’s certainly made its mark!

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Another favourite of mine would have to be the monochrome with an incorporation of pink. The black and white fit together so perfectly whether on clothes and even shoes and with the hint of a spring favourite baby pink in the mix, it makes it more and more appealing to every eye!Who would have thought court shoes with small inch heels would come into fashion? Being a tall girl, I always thought that I would have to be taller because you wouldn’t ever catch me in a pair of kitten heels, but the strappy court heels I absolutely love and they are extremely comfortable!

Summer Shoes - Miss Wigan Blog

These heeled sandals are the ones i’ve mentioned in my blog! They come in all pastel colours and they flatter the legs very well. A personal favourite for spring.

Ted Baker is one of my favourite high end stores. Looking at their spring collection, you won’t be disappointed! Their floral print trousers (sound unappealing when you write it down), but if you see them, you’ll understand the unique fascination with them.

Ted Baker Pants - Miss Wigan Blog

I need these trousers in my life!!!! Fitting with another spring pastel colour, they will be perfect for a summery day, or even a spring wedding party!! (image from http://www.tedbaker.com/uk/Womens/Clothing/Trousers-Shorts/ERICEA-Orchid-print-trouser-Nude-Pink/p/110734-57-NUDE-PINK)

Missguided is another favourite. This site has all the pastel colours that are proving to be a real hit, and they are up to date on all the latest fashion so get on to have a look at their spring collection!

Misguided dress - Miss Wigan

This purple Floral Asymmetric dress is one of my favourite spring collections. The bright and beautiful colours really compliment any size or shape so anyone will be able to feel comfortable! (Image from – http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/107310/s/oticka-floral-asymmetric-mini-dress/category/552/)

Spring is also a time to take SELFIE’S. With the beautiful “no make-up selfie” being campaigned across the world raising millions in days, the word “Selfie” last week was added to the Oxford Dictionary online!The world Selfie doesn’t appeal to me, it is a personal disdain of mine, but it must mean something if it has been recognised by a respectable organization.Looking at browtastic Cara Delevingne, her selfie’s are what have basically made her career take off as they show her true personality. Selfie’s are proving to also be popular within magazines.Recently, GQ Magazine has launched “How GQ Are You” where it features users who have uploaded their selfies and to be rated by other readers! Now all anyone has to do is say “SELFIE” and everyone knows just what to do!So for this summer, remember readers, baby colours, sunglasses, happy positive days, selfies and you’re well on your way to the best spring/summer ever!Thank you for reading, and speak soon,Liv – Miss Wigan x