Miss Wigan, Olivia Ogden, on a fundraising rollercoaster!

Miss Wigan 2013-2014Hello readers,

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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out

Miss Wigan here!

What busy months I have had!! Since September I have been at the University of Chester studying Sport and Exercise Science.

Charity work did not stop however, every couple of weeks, the Netball society I am involved in, organises a night dedicated to a charity.

This is such a great experience and I am so happy to be raising lots of money for very worthwhile charities!!

This photo was from ‘Wear It Pink’ week!! We were raising money for Breast Cancer Research, and every training session we had to wear pink. I was so dedicated as you can see I even put laces in my trainers!

Olivia Ogden Miss Wigan "Wear It Pink"

Olivia Ogden – Miss Wigan “Wear It Pink”

At the end of the week, we went to the SU to raise money for breast cancer, again wearing pink! I am bent down as I am extremely tall in my heels!!

Miss Wigan, Olivia Ogden, raises money for Cancer research

Miss Wigan, raises money for Cancer research in local Student Union.

This photo is a photo where we had to dress in our sports wear for the night and raise money for Home From Home. This was a fantastic night and I was in my gymnastics gear which is aged 7!! Still cannot believe I fit in it. I also had my hand guards on which I only got when I was 13.

Miss Wigan and friends raising money for Home From Home

Miss Wigan and friends raising money for Home From Home

Other charity nights include Take Me Out, where I was one of the girls on the panel, I didn’t select any boy but I would if I knew I was getting auctioned off at the end of the night! I ended up being sold for £20 to the bar man. He later tweeted ‘I bought a girl tonight, she took my money and left’ which is so true haha! ooooops, sorry!!

I haven’t got any photos from this night unfortunately, but it was such a good charity for people with unfortunate Brain Tumours.

I have been very busy with university, but keeping busy with the fundraising. I am loving my title so much and I hope that one day I could be  a judge and give other girls the amazing opportunity that I was given.

I believe 2014 is my year. It’s started off brilliantly, in my life I have perfection, happiness and love. What more could I possible want from life? I am very blessed with the people in my life.

Speak soon,

Livvy – Miss Wigan xxx