Miss Wigan 15

My First Blog as Junior Miss Wigan 2015/16

Hello everyone!

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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out


I’m Leah Atherton and just over forty-four hours since I was crowned the new Junior Miss Wigan 2015! I am still now, forty-four hours on, in sheer shock that I have become such an important person within the community. For my first blog, I have decided to tell you a little bit about me and about my entire day on Saturday 5th September at Junior Miss Wigan.


Well, firstly I’m 15 years old and have currently just started my last year at Shevington High School. I am Deputy Head Girl at my school and play quite an important role within my school to keep the standards high and also it is important that all my fellow students enjoy school too, as then it is so much easier for everyone to learn in such a calm but enjoyed environment.


Junior Miss Wigan 2015 - Top three

Junior Miss Wigan 2015 – Top three – me, Ciere and Lucy


I am studying History, Maths, Science, Textiles, English, PE, Spanish, Media Studies and ICT. My favourite subject would have to be either Textiles or Media as I enjoy sewing and the work I do in Textiles is so fun, but also I enjoy Media as I like to look into films, magazines and other types of media.


I also am involved with a dance school which I love as at the end of every year we put on a Christmas Show for all our friends and family, which we do in aid of a different charity every year, but also to show all the work and effort we have put in all year round.


Also I love to shop and could spend all day, everyday, buying clothes, dresses and shoes (if only I could afford it!) You could say I’m a shopaholic!!


Now you have got to know me a little bit better and know what my interests are etc. I’ll tell you all about Saturday!


I woke up Saturday morning (overslept my alarm as usual, even though I couldn’t get to sleep Friday night!) and arrived at the venue with Jes, my friend in the show, ready and raring to go. After registration we got well into our rehearsals and got to know some of the girls even better, they were all really nice and made me feel welcome all day!


Junior Miss Wigan and Junior Miss Bury 2013

Me and Georgia – Junior Miss Bury 2013


I really enjoyed rehearsing but of course at 1:00 pm Dominoes arrived, yumm! and we all had a break! Once the rehearsals had finished, it was time to get ready and so I did my make-up and was half-way through my hair when I called to my interview with the judges.


Natasha, Laura and Mary made me feel very welcome (although my hair was half done and looked really funny) I soon lost my nervousness and felt quite relaxed as if I had known them for ages!


When the show started, the nerves kicked in but when I had gone onto stage for the opening round, again I didn’t feel nervous, just excited to get back on! I loved it!

Party wear and Evening wear went by and I was still really excited and loved every minute of it! Eco wear was the final round and I was really sad when the show had finished as I wanted to get back on and start the show all over again!


Junior Miss Wigan 2015 - Eco  Wear

Eco Wear!


It was then time for the awards and all of us girls were backstage, all knowing that everyone had had an amazing time, that we were all winners and that it was a bonus if you had won an award!

I amazingly was awarded Junior Miss Wigan Charity 2015/16 and I was so grateful to have won this award after all of the fundraising I did! I raised £300 for Variety.


Then announced was 3rd place, to Lucy Kennedy and 2nd place to Ciere Woodhead. Both girls most definitely deserved their awards as they were outstanding the whole day and night!


Finally they announced my name as 1st place and I couldn’t believe it, I cried with happiness and was then sashed and crowned by the beautiful Natasha, Miss England, and took my walk!


Junior Miss Wigan and Miss Preston

Me with Holly Moore, Miss Preston!


To see my mum and my friends crying was amazing to know how proud they were and still are of me!


I feel so privileged to have spent Saturday with the most amazing, friendly and helpful girls (and Mark of course) and I couldn’t feel more amazed and shocked over this so generous award!


To anyone thinking of taking part in any of the Miss England North West Heats, I say “GO DO IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT” as without these kind people and all the support from my family and friends I wouldn’t have the confidence or memories that I have today!


Junior Miss Wigan 2015

Me with Miss England, Natasha Hemmings, who judged, and Mr England who came to present some awards!



I have most definitely made friends for life and will keep in touch with these girls for as long as I can! I will treasure these memories and friends for my lifetime, I feel so lucky! I can’t wait to spend this upcoming year with Team North and also my new big sister Charlotte Rowe, Miss Wigan 2015\16.


Junior Miss Wigan 2015

Top three with our prizes from the florist and jewellers! Thank you to Andy Bristow Photography for the winners photos too!


Let’s see what this year brings for me and my new role and with my new family.


Thank you everyone, and thank you for reading my very first blog!!!


Lots of love
Leah, your new Junior Miss Wigan 2015 xx