What I have been up to this week and my most embarrassing moment.‏

Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a nice weekend as I definitely have.

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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out

This week I have been very busy as I have sat 4 of my examinations in one week.

On Tuesday I sat my PE exam which I was confident in and felt I did well.

On Friday I then sat my Religious Studies exam and two of my Spanish exams so I have been busy revising.

This weekend, I have spent a lot of my time relaxing to prepare myself for this weeks exams.

Friday I spent a night with my Friends and took my dog, Frankie, for a long walk.

On Saturday, I went to The Dress Studio to find a dress for my Prom which is on the 28th of June, The Dress Studio is like heaven for all girls, full of dresses all colours and all sizes.

But Saturday night, I spent my night at the Miss North West Finals 2013 which was the last competition of the season.

I got the chance to meet some new girls that I hadn’t met before and all of the girls were beautiful inside and out.

The most embarrassing moment of my Week was falling down the stairs twice at the Miss North West Finals.

This week I am going to prepare myself for the upcoming exams and make the most of my School week as I only have 5 days left in School.

Make sure you check my blog next week to see what I have been up to and my next embarrassing moment of the week.

Love Bradie x